ABA that has three distinct ethical dilemmas

You can use this sheet as your first page of the assignment.

Chose a case (only one) from ABA that has three distinct ethical dilemmas. The template below shall guide you to through the process.

The total assignment is minimum 1000 words.


1 Introduction and Details about the facts of the case, with three distinct ethical dilemmas 3
2. Legal discussion add the laws that relate to your case 3
3. Comparison with the Saudi Code. 2
4. Discussion; give your opinion on the basis of the laws that you have mentioned above. Your opinion should be backed by laws and procedures. You can also choose another case as a reference to give your opinion. (e.g. you can say that a similar decision was taken in another case with similar facts.) 3
Total 11


Properly reference your work with at least 10 references.THE_CODE_OF_LAW_PRACTICE

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